Sense of guilt

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Sense of guilt (Concorso di colpa)

Sense of guilt (Concorso di colpa)

Sense of guilt (Concorso di colpa)

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Concorso di colpa

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35mm - colour

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Francesco De Bernardi, Chief Inspector of the Homicide Division, is a man of success and hard worker but he is also a lovely father with his rebellious eighteen years-old son. He has a respectful and friendly relationship with the elder Judge Santamaria, who deals with terrorism.
But one day Francesco is charged by Judge Santamaria to investigate into a case of suicide.
Laura Lavezzi, the girlfriend of the victim, confesses to the inspector that the reason why Giuseppe Pagliari took his life was that he crushed with guilt for a crime committed 25 years earlier.A crime for which he and four other youths were equally responsible.They were out to give a "lesson", or rather a good scare to a student who wasn't aligned with them.
But unfortunately the boy fell from the high apartment terrace and died. None of the 5 youths could imagine such a tragic epilogue.