Ladri di barzellette

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Ladri di barzellette


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35mm - colour

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Film producer looking for funds to produce a movie trilogy on the Moro case and Italian terrorism, instead produces an embarassing sequel of the movie " Jokes ", which had been a hit at the box office.
The problem now, is convincing the rigid director to attempt this tedious task. Between pretense and reality ( the director's part is handed over to Aurelio Grimaldi who has actually just finished directing a film in three parts, on Aldo Moro), the film runs on comic terrain, as well as involving farces. " Joke thieves "in the scenes between the director and the producer (Bruno Colella) draws from the little acts between Totò and Peppino and of the paradox ways of the commedia dell'arte. Between jokes, it wants to show the extreme vulgarity of this moment , as well as the uneasiness, difficulties and irony of those whom today are ' forced' to make films about jokes.