À Casablanca les anges ne volent pas (first feature)

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À Casablanca les anges ne volent pas

À Casablanca les anges ne volent pas

À Casablanca les anges ne volent pas

original title:

À Casablanca les anges ne volent pas

italian title:

A Casablanca gli angeli non volano

directed by:


Abdessamad Miftah El Kheir, Abderrazzak el Badaoui, Leila El Hayani, Rachid el Hazmir, Abelaziz Essghyr, Ali Achtouk, Naima Bouhmala, Fatima El Hadi, Jamal Bouhaddioui, Mostapha Sabhi, Mohamed Tata



set design:

costume design:


Gam Film, Istituto Luce, Dagham Film (Casablanca)





film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby Digital

release date:


festivals & awards:

Saïd’s family inhabits a removed village. His wife, Aicha, who is pregnant, lives in the village with her children. They live in poverty, and try to endure the hard climate. Saïd goes forcedly to Casablanca though his wife keeps sending him emotional letters to convince him to come back because Casablanca devours men. Said lives and works with two unpleasant friends: Othman and Ismail.
Othman doesn’t trust anybody to be in charge of his horse, except his mother.Ismail thinks only of an expensive pair of shoes. Said receives a letter from his wife asking him to attend the delivery. Othman, also, has to go where his mother lives to resolve the problems of his horse.. Ismail buys the shoes; but he is obliged to walk around all the dusty and muddy parts of the city.
The problems of the three fellows are characterized with a tragic mode. Aicha’s pregnancy reaches a complex level.. She dies in a taxi.. Ismaïl protects his shoes, which are pierced.. Othman comes back to Casablanca riding his horse, which runs away. In Casablanca, the angels don’t fly, but only the predators wing.