Ice on fire

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Ice on fire (La fiamma sul ghiaccio)

Ice on fire (La fiamma sul ghiaccio)

Ice on fire (La fiamma sul ghiaccio)

original title:

La fiamma sul ghiaccio

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35mm - colour

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Caterina lives like a drop-out on the streets, her habitat is the invisible edge of the city, fighting phantoms of a domestic violence. Fabrizio is boxed inside his own world, locked by the illness that freezed his hearth and his emotions. Caterina meets him, recognizes him, follows him and then she takes away the fixed woodiness from his eyes, trying to awaken his heart. Two shapes scanning and then rejecting each other, holding their hands in search of a miracle to cure their pain. A story of love on the verge, passionate but still impossible, like the desperate crackling of a burning flame sliding on ice and trying to melt it. The greatest love story ever told