Antonio warrior of god

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Antonio warrior of god (Antonio, guerriero di dio)

Antonio warrior of god (Antonio, guerriero di dio)

Antonio warrior of god (Antonio, guerriero di dio)

original title:

Antonio, guerriero di dio








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35mm - colour

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Dolby Digital

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Sicily 1221
In the Sicilian coast a Greek shipwrecks, in the ship there was a Pisan mathematician called Fibonacci, who brought to Italy the Arabic numbers. A friar called Anthony was saved with him.
Tebaldo a usurer from Padua, receive news about the shipwreck and knows that in that ship, was a treasure, not so well described but that will make him very rich, he sends out two of his servers.
Baldrico e Folco, who are Tebaldo’s servers, find the place where the ship has been wrecked.
Two months after the shipwreck, the servers found only the bows of the ship. In the same night Baldrico decides to dive to search for relics, and doesn’t emerge. Folco learns that Antonio is alive, and that he has remain in Sicily for a long time due to his weak health, and has left to Assisi only 15 days ago. Folco starts his search. Antonio is on his way to northern Italy, He meets Francesco, and in Forli discovers his power of preach, he wander throughout Europe until he ends in Padua where he will stay until the end of his life. Folco goes after him, following his footsteps, following his deeds. Learning all he has to learn about Antonio thru people he meets, but he never gets to meet him, he is certain that Antonio is the treasure that Tebaldo is looking for. Baldrico instead, is much alive and well, in Pisa with Fibonacci, in a Mathematics competition. We will see him later a very rich usurer in Padova, thanks to the formulas and secrets given to him by Fibonacci, Tebaldo is at this point dead.
Padova 1231
After 10 years Folco returns to Padua. He meets with the mean (coward) Baldrico, and finally he meets with Antonio, a free, strong one that defeats the usurers in Padua.
Folco with Antonio redeems him self and find the way to his new life.
Antonio dies while Folco sleeps, and for the last time, Folco must again follow Antonio, since his last will was to be buried in Padua. So Folco founds him self in the situation (the starting scene) of a possible battle between the people of Cella and the soldiers of Padua. The good sense prevails. Antonio goes in the city of Padua in the wings of who has loved him e who has respected him as an opponent...