Tu la conosci Claudia?

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Tu la conosci Claudia?

Tu la conosci Claudia?

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Tu la conosci Claudia?

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Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo, Paola Cortellesi, Sandra Ceccarelli, Ottavia Piccolo, Silvana Fallisi, Rossy De Palma, Marco Messeri, Nicola Savino, Max Pisu, Paolo Dell'Orto, Aldina Teresa Bossi, Saturno Brioschi, Ruffin Doh Zeneyoun, Carla Monti, Rodolfo Rezzoli, Stefano Rossetti, Elio Veller


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35mm - colour

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Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo live three different lives that would be impossibile to immagine. And Claudia has a life that even her husband wouldn't be able to imagine. Giovanni is a methodical and repetitive man. His ideal life would be not being able to understand whether today is already tomorrow or still yesterday. He's slow and doesn't show emotions very easily because he can't distinguish the symtoms from conjunctivitis. He considers his marriage to Claudia a miracle that can't last. Aldo is a taxi driver who knows the streets of Milan off by heart (Ah, Melchiorre Gioia Road, philosopher, versatile man...) but then he can't quite remember where the streets are. He's a tireless lady-killer who falls in love constantly. In spite of this, he's only had eyes for Claudia for the past few months - even though she doesn't want anything to do with him. Giacomo is a lonely man. He used to have a wife but she married him and left him for the same reason: he behaved like a teenager. Nevertheless thing's are running quite smoothly - he's got a good job and a nice house. But when he meets Claudia he realises he's got nothing. Claudia is at the centre of everything.