Promise of love

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Promise of love (Promessa d'amore)

Promise of love (Promessa d'amore)

original title:

Promessa d'amore


Ettore Bassi, Chiara Conti, Catherine Spaak, Tony Musante, Luca Angeletti, Antonia Liskova, Emanuela Birocchi, Cristina D'Alberto, Cristina Pappa


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35mm - colour

It is the story of three young orphans- Fabio, Carlo and Carola - who grow up in the institute like brothers and sisters and refuse to be put up for adoption. They will separate upon reaching legal age, and will meet again eight years later- Fabio is about to marry Fulvia, the daughter of Amilcare, the industrialist for whom he is working, and the beautiful and tormented Elisa.
The wedding vows will be celebrated by Carlo, who in the meantime has become a priest. Behind this apparent happiness each one of them hides personal problems caused by tensions and insecurities. When Carola on her return will announce to Fabio that she wants to attend the wedding, a dramatic incident will interrupt the conversation.
All the characters will be then forced to take responsibility for their own roles, and together face up to the secret will of always remaining together...