The days of abandonment

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The days of abandonment (I giorni dell'abbandono)

The days of abandonment (I giorni dell'abbandono)

The days of abandonment (I giorni dell'abbandono)

original title:

I giorni dell'abbandono

directed by:


Roberto Faenza, Diego De Silva, Dino Gentili, Filippo Gentili, Anna Redi, Gianni Arduini, Simona Bellettini, from the novel by Elena Ferrante with the same title


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35mm - colour

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Olga, a still young woman, tranquil and satisfied, is all of a sudden abandoned by her husband and falls into a bottomless vortex. The days of abandonment are the endless hours of losses, inflicted and suffered, the times of hard emotions and feelings that devastate her, of the love sickness that suffocates her Shot mainly from a subjective point of view and accompanied by the narrating first person of the main character, a plot is developed that one could define a “thriller of the soul”, loaded with astonishment and fury. Olga’s is a disastrous fall that takes your breath away, a trial that captures and drags you to the darkest and most painful end of decline and female experience.
In the end, just like in a thriller, everything is revealed and finally the nightmare starts to disappear: Olga has not risked going insane for love of her husband (which man is worth that much?), but because she has experienced by herself what the sense of love really is. Now that se knows its cost, she knows how to face it.
From the Elena Ferrante's novel, by the same name.