Sangue - La morte non esiste (first feature)

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Sangue - La morte non esiste

Sangue - La morte non esiste

Sangue - La morte non esiste

original title:

Sangue - La morte non esiste

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set design:

costume design:


Nitrofilm, Mikado Film, Rai Cinema, Illegalfilm77, with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte






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35mm - colour

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Stella is a forceful young woman, intelligent, ambitious, and very beautiful, who thinks she’s very clear-minded. She has a goal, to enter the adult world through the front door and knows how to achieve it. She carries a secret in her pocket a plane ticket that will take her far away from her father and even further from the grief caused by her mother’s death. Her older brother, Yuri has spent half his life immersed in books and the other half wondering if this life would really pass muster if it was in one of his books. An intense character, generous and somewhat paranoid, he cannot bear authority, be it in the form of teachers, policemen or his father, and has an unconditional love for his sister, who, however he feels does not really reciprocate. It is only with her that he feels he can connect with the world. The two adolescents have created for a self-contained world in which they protect one another. One day this symbiotic pair is joined by Bruno, a young man encountered at a rave party whose violent, carnal yet also honest and child-like character will prove the catalyst for an already potentially explosive situation between the brother and sister. The three of them embark on a cathartic and crazy spree involving smuggling marijuana, scooter racing in the city streets and a visit to a church in which they receive a tragi-comic sermon. Yuri is shattered to discover that Stella wants to run away without him... The tension mounts, the trio must confront their fears and anxieties at the threshold of adulthood, until the dramatic dénouement in which the two boys have to face the greatest challenge of all: to become men. A sensitive and generous portrait of adolescents grappling with internal changes and the worries typical of their age, Sangue explores the tergiversations of this generation who have lost their lost bearings and who struggle to find ideals.