Endless night (first feature)

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Endless night (Notte senza fine)

original title:

Notte senza fine

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35mm - colour

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Endless Night is Love Betrayal Incest. Love derived from a central theme of the “troubadour literature”, is that love living on distances, projections, idealizations, which is forced to face death too soon, thus finding peacefulness inside the shades of another love, distant again, much more absolute. Betrayal is the obsession of a married man, haunted by a recurrent dream: the nightmare of his wife’s betrayal, spectres – vague, indefinite, yet insistent – of jealousy. The nightmare advances with restless steps, leading to madness. Until one day, when eventually his wofe’s voice is heard, in a specular monologue, reality prevails over everyting, upsetting each expectation and fear. Incest is the voice of a woman’s mind revisiting her past – a past which means desease – that splits in two, multiplies in a hallucination concerted in two voices: the father’s and daughter’s voices, wrapped up in the shade of incest. Fault, love, past gradually becoming a sandstone. The shades, little by little and doubt after doubt, in a hallucinated dialogue, will set her mind free.