Fatti della banda della Magliana

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Fatti della banda della Magliana

Fatti della banda della Magliana

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Fatti della banda della Magliana

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Francesco Pannofino, Roberto Brunetti, Fabio Grossi, Francesco Maria Dominedò, Leo Gullotta, Fanny Cadeo, Tommaso Capogreco, Mario Contu, Lucio Sinisi, Gianfranco Zuncheddu


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HD - colour


Dolby Digital

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This film is freely based on the criminal activities of the "Magliana Gang" of Rome. These events cover a period from 1975 to 1991 and were reconstructed by the attorney's office of Rome. Through the confession of the repentant gang leader, known as "Riccetto" (based on Maurizio Abbatino, known as "Crispino"), taking place in a subterranean law-court before a fictitious magistrate, we learn of the criminal past of the protagonists, as well as the formation of the gang in 1977, the years of its greatest power and influence, and those of its definitive decline from 1987 to 1991. As Riccetto recalls and narrates the events, the main members of his gang, his old accomplices both alive and dead, are called up as witnesses. The roll call of infamous criminals includes "Sandrone" Colangeli; "Ubaldino" Jacobis; Claudio Terenzi (a.k.a. "er Diavolo"); Ugo Torrisi; Stefano Celletti; Fortunato Marras and Paolo Urbinati. Among arguments and disagreements they accuse each other of crimes and murders and the crimes they committed together are gradually reconstructed.