La terza stella

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La terza stella

La terza stella

La terza stella

original title:

La terza stella

directed by:

set design:

costume design:


Rodeo Drive, Sifulum, supported by Medusa Film & Sky






film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby Digital

release date:


festivals & awards:

In a small town, the preparations are underway for the most important event of the season, the human chess game , which each year is played against the neigbouring town.
Everyone is involved : from Piero the butcher, to Olivia the perfume girl, from Guido the doctor to Ottavio the strategist and naturally Ale and Franz.
Ale, is the owner of Hotel “Belvedere”, situated in the town's center square, and whose only concern is getting it upgraded. He is decisive, rational and realistic. His life however is complicated by the disturbing and opposing presence of his brother-in-law Franz, his wife Linda's brother, who lives with them. Franz is not exactly the brother-in-law everyone wants, he is rather eccentric, with his own very personal view on the world, and life in general. To add to this, he treacherously moves into the hotel using the excuse that he will be helping Ale.
The relationship between the two is always on a thread, all it takes is a smile, a look, an answer from Franz to make Ale lose his temper. Their personal stories will be overwhelmed by the arrival of three dark figures, who will further complicate the lives these two protagonists, and get them involved in a surprising adventure.