Nulla due volte

Nulla due volte

original title:

Nulla due volte








film run:



35mm - colour & b/w




Ready (15/12/2003)

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We are in Rome. On a hot summer afternoon, in the half-light of a suburban apartment, a young artist is thinking about a verse and looking for the right words for a poem. Later, in a techno music studio, he is looking with a friend for the right tempo for a piece of music.The music suddenly breaks off, making room for small views of Rome, a Rome in black and white, timeless. In this frontier zone, on the outskirts of the silent town, a wood. We rediscover the protagonists, suddenly metamorphosed into mysterious hunters. The music then changes to a call, and the film ends on a last cry: that of a wild boar. The unexpected meeting of a musician and a wild boar, just like the deliberately brutal finale of the grunting which increases when the screen becomes black, give the film a delirious and fabulous character. Nevertheless, this last cry could become a sound. The missing sound to finish the piece of music ? Each instant, the film maker seems to be telling us, can be for the artist a source of inspiration and each meeting a unique opportunity. “Nothing happens twice. Thus, we are born without experience, we will die without familiarity”. These verses by the Polish poetess Wislava Szymborska, who received the Nobel prize for literature in 1996, inspired Alessandro Rossetto for this explosive fragment of a film of only three minutes. (vg – Translation: abe)