Texas (first feature)

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Every Saturday night a group of friends get together in Elisa’s small bourgeois villa.
They drink, smoke, and make a lot of ruckus, and will do anything to avoid facing the idea that they are indeed getting older. Enrico notices his friends are all a little more anxious than usual: Davide’s family has fallen into financial ruin, but all he does is talk about things that make no sense, Gianluca is strangely perplexed, Cinzia-his girlfriend-suddenly takes off in the car because she needs to think about god knows what.
Meanwhile Alessandro- almost 40 years old-shows up at Gianluca’s mother’s house looking for her husband, but he is at a bar in town. Alessandro drives over to the bar and parks out front, he is armed. Enrico goes to Elisa’s house because he needs to tell Cinzia something, and when he finds her, slaps her across the face, he then hops back into the car, crashes into another one and runs off.
Everyone is out, everyone is yelling at each other, Enrico Davide and Gianluca who had been friends forever, start fighting madly... Three months before, Enrico had just returned home, it was another Saturday, a day in November.
He was meeting his friends again, curious to see if they had changed, they hoped they hadn’t. His part of town, their part of town is in a great big suburb, a suburb so far away from the city it can almost not be considered a suburb...
Once upon a time people lived in the small towns and in the farmhouses. Nowadays the old people live in these small towns which are almost ghost like, the others live in the farmhouses and small villas dispersed a little bit everywhere. Gianluca’s father has a small office, Cinzia lives in a farmhouse, her parents are farmers. Davide’s parents used to run the town’s grocery store but now that everyone has a car, they all go buy their groceries at the big supermarket in the middle of nowhere, and so Davide’s parents had to close down their store. Alessandro is the son of an ex-partisan who to please his own parents married the town’s school teacher, a childhood friend, but things are not going so well. Cinzia would like Gianluca to pay more attention to her but doesn’t know how to tell him, Gianluca who has always thought for himself, is his own pride and joy…
Three Saturdays in the lives of these people and others. One night in November, one in December just before Christmas, the third night in February. This is when we enter into their lives and watch as they handle their small and considerably larger problems…All our protagonists will reach the point of doing something terrible, and one of them will actually succeed…..