Well tempered corpses

original title:

Dobro ustimani mrtvaci

italian title:

Cadaveri ben temperati

directed by:


Irena Micijevic, Uliks Fehmiu, Lazar Ristovski, Boro Stjepanovic, Zan Marolt, Moamer Kasumovic, Jasna Diklic, Tatjana Sojic, Miralem Zupcevic, Nada Djurevska, Tarik Filipovic, Admir Glamocak, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, Mirza Tanovic, Haris Burina, Damir Mahmutovic, Sasa Petrovic, Admir Kutjes, Mustafa Picati, Nedzad Picati, Belma Salkunic, Mise Martinovic, Vlado Kerosevic, Emira Kaliman, Jasna Beri


set design:

costume design:


Asap, Sintra, Studio Maj (Slovenia)





film run:



35mm - colour

festivals & awards:

While the agile private businessman Rzdija Kucuk is renewing the railroad that died out long ago and seeks the way to privatize at least one part of the railroad track, young Rijad, demobilized soldier and "favorite of luck" gets out of job, car, apartment and until finally - we all remain without him. Cynics would say: It wasn't his day!
While Srecko Piplica is trying to build a Diesel aeroplane, and in that way get himself in the guiness book of record (therefore in history), Envera and Braco Hadzic, corrupted minister and underestimated doctor live their long aga screwed up life.
What is it that conects these four stories? What is it that binds unbreakably these characters, different beyond encountering, into ethernal life? Here are just a few possible answers:
- a simple fact of time and place of birth and living. Bosnia after the war!
- the thing that finally unite us:death!
- corones Safet and Risto that are taking care that when life can't ate least death goes as it should!