Il cuore all’improvviso

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Il cuore all’improvviso

Il cuore all’improvviso

original title:

Il cuore all’improvviso


costume design:







film run:



35mm - b/w

aspect ratio:



Dolby Digital


Ready (27/01/2008)

festivals & awards:

A park, a little girl. Her nanny loses sight of her. The little girl runs after a white dog and gets lost. The world is a dangerous place and suddenly becomes an endless dream. However, Miranda possesses a child’s talisman: the soiled grass of the park, the youngsters’ violence, even the old people’s solitude, are transformed, themselves becoming light, a game, a novelty of life. A soul, a breath (the heart of childhood?) protect the little girl, embrace her. Her daddy then embraces the little girl, clasps her to him, smiles at her. The nanny finds the little girl again. Everything returns to its right place. Elsewhere a man has died, in a hospital bed... And a desperate mother goes back to the park to get her daughter and ask her to go on believing in promises, in her pathetic lies, “Don’t worry, Miranda, you will never be alone”. But in fact they are not lies: Childhood has completed a journey of knowledge. A lost earring is found, as though it has been passed on by someone who is no longer to someone who has been left behind. Life and death are again together but for the first time are smiling.