Cose da pazzi

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Cose da pazzi

Cose da pazzi

Cose da pazzi

original title:

Cose da pazzi

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35mm - colour

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Giuseppe Cocuzza, a state official starts receiving mysterious packages filled with money. His wife Francesca, sister Livia and daughter Giulietta are all so enthusiastic about all this money, they convince him to keep it ,and spend it as soon as possible. Joining this group of women is Fedor, a trapeze artist from dubious hungarian origins, that after having seduced and abandoned Livia, leaving her with a retarded child, Renatino, and without money, on hearing the news of this windfall, retraces his steps and returns. For some time now, the money arrives on the 27th day of each month. But, poor Cocuzza is so scared about getting caught, and feels his anxiety rise, as he also begins receiving visit from bizarre characters : a state pension inspector who speaks with a strict sicilian dialect, a postman with severe speech impediments, an enthusiastic nun who at one point takes off her veils to announce her real hidden identity: she's a man, Felice C, who in a flashback scene, will take us back eleven years...
From Vincenzo Salemme's play by the same name.