Il ritorno del monnezza

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Il ritorno del monnezza

Il ritorno del monnezza

Il ritorno del monnezza

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Il ritorno del monnezza

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35mm - colour

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Rocky Giraldi is the son of Nico Giraldi, the infamous cop in the 70's and 80's. Like his father, he is a plainclothes policeman in the special task division, and like his father he often acts on his own will using ' rudimentary ' tactics that are often a little politically incorrect, but on the other hand very funny and efficient. Rocky always solves the case but usually creating a big mess... After discovering an underground chinese gang who are exploiting minors for labor, he decides to take on a new case; the murder of a small time apartment burglar. It looks like a routine investigation, but infact with the help of Betta his co worker from Tramezzo, his friend a thief and Venticello's son, Rocky finds out that there is more than meets the eye behind this burglar's murder, and discovers a big drug and money laundering ring.