Mitraglia e il verme

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Mitraglia e il verme

Mitraglia e il verme

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Mitraglia e il verme

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Digi Beta Pal - b/w

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The Worm is a bathroom custodian, in the undefined location of a fruit and vegetable market. In his own way, he is a visionary: everyday waiting for a small miracle ( maybe a winning bet on a horse...) he experiences disturbing dreams of a poetic nature, or recalls tattered memories that still make him feel like a man's man. Mitraglia is responsible for bargaining with the wholesalers, he suffers from kidney stones and is therefore the most assiduous patron of the latrines. He also has a wish he hopes will come true: to be promoted as the head of personnel. The clash is so conflicting between these two desires, that it can only suggest, that the worst can happen. When the Worm, by pure chance, discovers that his friend is thinking of firing him, he decides to enact his own funeral...