Troppo belli

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Troppo belli

Troppo belli

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Troppo belli


Costantino Vitagliano, Daniele Interrante, Daniela Danesi, Alessandra Pierelli, Jennifer Poli, Fanny Cadeo, Chiara Tomaselli


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Medusa Film, Rodeo Drive, supported by Umbria Film Commission






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35mm - colour

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Costantino and Daniele are two handsome lads in their 20s. The closest of friends, they live in the outskirts of a featureless and unnamed Italian city. Thanks to their smouldering good-looks they are remarkably successful with the ladies, and they want to make the "breakthrough" into the world of cinema. But this proves not to be as easy as they think and in the meantime they have to get by with various temporary jobs, while their parents try to keep tabs on their wayward offspring. Costantino wants to patch things up with his ex-girlfriend, Chiara, while Daniele is going out with Isabella, a friend of Chiara's. We follow their adventures and mishaps as they attempt to get a role as actors in a movie, an enterprise in which all the other characters are involved. In the end Chiara finds true love with Claudio, a workmate and friend of Costantino. Isabella and Daniele's relationship reaches its happy culmination, and Costantino finally finds love, where he least expected it, with Michela, who blossoms, to everyone's surprise, in all her beauty.