La cura del gorilla (first feature)

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La cura del gorilla

La cura del gorilla

original title:

La cura del gorilla

directed by:


set design:

costume design:


Daniele Luppi





film run:



35mm - colour

release date:


festivals & awards:

Sandrone, better known as Gorilla, has suffered from a particular form of split personality since childhood. Infact inside his body live two people: the first, Sandrone, is good hearted, clumsy and ironic, as much as the second one is : rational, calculating and violent. Afraid he will spend the rest of his life in an asylum, Sandrone has decided to live underground, earning a living as a detective without a license. His disease has made him unable to sleep, and his perennial insomnia is perfect for his work which involves stalking and spying on people. After his last hospital recovery for being stabbed by a dim witted serial killer , Sandrone decides to take on a more relaxed job: he becomes the personal escort of an old American actor who no-one remembers, and who is in Italy to guest star at a convention. While he is reluctantly performing this new job, Sandrone finds himself having to help a girl whose boyfriend has been murdered. Too much, for just one man. Luckily they are two, his partner and himself.