L’uomo spezzato

L’uomo spezzato

L’uomo spezzato

L’uomo spezzato

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L’uomo spezzato

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Extreme Movies





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35mm - colour

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Laura Benussi, 13, falls in love with Stefano Malavasi, her gentle and cordial art professor, and tries her best to attract the teacher's attention. Malavasi finds a good friend in Anna, the physical education teacher, someone in whom he can confide and talk about his problems. Jealous of the two teacher's close relationship, Laura creates the setting of an alleged relationship between the two, and sends word of this set-up to Stefano Malavasi's wife Silvia. With her classmate Sara acting as accomplice, Laura accuses Stefano of harassment. Malavasi finds himself at the centre of a big scandal. The allegations and finger pointing begin pouring in from every direction, and finding evidence for the defence proves a virtually impossible task. The press and Television news talk of nothing other than the "case of the professor and the harassed student". The only way out of this nightmare is convincing Sara into revealing the truth. Once cornered, the girl falls apart and admits the set-up. Everything seems to clear up in order for Stefano to return to a normal life. All of a sudden he realises that something has changed beyond repair...