Miss Hit (first feature)

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Miss Hit (Fuori vena)

Miss Hit (Fuori vena)

Miss Hit (Fuori vena)

original title:

Fuori vena

directed by:


Tekla Taidelli, Alessio Barbagini, Alessandro Beltramini, Maurizio Berardinelli, Marco Brambati, Francesco Calbi, Pietro Dell'Aquila, Marco Farneti, Stefano Fornataro, Giampaolo Muciaccia, Felicetta Schena, David Sdrubolini


costume design:


Tranky Film





film run:



DV Cam - colour

release date:


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Moving between documentary and fiction, Fuorivena is an uncompromising depiction of drug addiction, the use and abuse of hard drugs, that seeks to convey its effects in concrete terms, using all the resources of the DV camera. In this tragi-comic essay, the director, who herself plays a part in the film, follows a number of characters, young and not so young, and their relationship with psychotropic substances, exploring the bonds between them, their love stories, their grief and their disappointments. But above all Tekla Taidelli wanted «to give a voice to an underground world, one that is spontaneous, particularly unthinking, but at the same time hilarious and riddled with a very particular kind of irony regarding the impossibility of being understood by «normal» people. I do not condemn occasional and controlled drug use, only addiction and devastation.»