All the invisible children

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All the invisible children

All the invisible children

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All the invisible children


Emanuele Vicorito, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Ernesto Mahieux, Peppe Lanzetta, Giovanni Mauriello, Giovanni Esposito, Francesco Di Leva, Adama Bila, Elysée Rouamba, Rodrigue Ouattara, Uros Milovanovic, Dragan Zurovac, Vladan Milojevic, Goran R. Vracar, Mihona Vasic, Dusan Krivec, Hannah Hodson, Andre Royo, Rosie Perez, Hazelle Goodman, Coati Mundi, Damaris Edwards, Lanette Ware, Vera Fernandez, Francisco Anawake, David Thewlis, Kelly Macdonald, Jordan Clarke, Jack Thompson, Joshua Light, Jake Ritzema, Daniele Vicorito, Zhao Zhicun, Qi Ruyi, Wang Bin, Wenli Jiang, Wu Jiang


Mehdi Charef, Diego De Silva, Katia Lund, Jordan Scott, Stefano Veneruso, Stribor Kusturica, Cinqué Lee, Joie Lee, Qiang Li, Eduardo Tripa


Toca Seabra, Vittorio Storaro, Philippe Brelot, Cliff Charles, Changwei Gu, Jim Whitaker, Nianping Zeng


Ugo De Rossi, Yannick Kergoat, Claudio Misantoni, Robert A. Ferretti, Estevan Santos, Dayn Williams, Svetolik Zajc

set design:

Sarah Frank, Radovan Markovic, Ben Scott, Tim Yip, Carla Caffé, Jia Neng Huang, Annalisa Mucci, Tiendrebéogo Rasmané, Xiong Xiao

costume design:

Donna Berwick, Greg Fay, Radovan Markovic, Maria Pennacchio, André Simonetti, Martine Somé


Terence Blanchard, Maurizio Capone, Ramin Djawadi, Stribor Kusturica, Hai Lin, Antonio Pinto, Rokia Traoré






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35mm - colour

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Tanza (Dir. Mehdi Charef, Cast. Adama Bila, Elysée Rouamba, Rodrigue Ouattara, Cinem. Philippe Brelot, Edit. Yannick Kergoat - Africa)
Seven young freedom fighters, heavily armed, are covering ground looking for the enemy. Their leader is the eldest: twenty one. Everyone else is younger, Tanza, our hero, is twelve. He has joined this group after seeing his family massacred. After running into an army patrol, thirteen year old Kali, Tanza’s best friend, gets killed in a gun fight. Eventually, the boys get to their target. The leader sets up the timers on two bombs that will be stealthily brought into the village for detonation. He gives one to Tanza who moves in for his target, little does he know that the building he is supposed to blow up is in fact, a school. Other children just like him will be there in the morning…
Blue Gipsy (Dir. Emir Kusturica, Cast Uroš Milovanoviæ, Dragan Zurovac, Vladan Milojeviæ, Cinem. Milorad Glušica, Edit. Svetolik Miæa Zajc)
Uros, (Blue Gipsy), is about to be released from the juvenile detention center in which he has spent quite a long time. He is facing the mixed feelings that he has towards his release: dealing again with his father who forces him to steal versus being free in the outside world. Blue Gipsy’s choice will become clear once he will find himself cornered…
Jesus Children of America (Dir. Spike Lee, Cast Hannah Hodson, Andre Royo, Coati Mundi, Cinem. Cliff Charles, Edit. Barry Alexander Brown - USA)
In “Jesus Children of America,” a film produced and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee, a Brooklyn teen named Blanca learns that she was born HIV positive. Dealing with social ostracization and ignorance, Blanca explores the various forms of counseling and treatment available, and ultimately comes to terms with the personal implications of her condition. This film was shot entirely on location in Brooklyn, New York in May 2005.
Bilu and João (Dir. Katia Lund, Cast Vera Fernandes, Francisco Anawake de Freitas Cinem. Toca Seabra, Edit. Estevan Santos - Brazil)
A day in the life of Bilu and João, two enterprising young children struggling to get by on the streets of São Paulo. Their treasures are empty cans, cardboard, discarded boards and nails, objects that society throws away. Facing at once childhood and adulthood, the children use their imagination to turn the urban landscape into their playground, turn refuse into returns and the obstacles they face into a dream of getting ahead. As their ambitions take them off the beaten path, they will need even more creativity and cleverness to get themselves out of a jam.
Jonathan (Dirs. Jordan Scott & Ridley Scott, Cast David Thewlis, Kelly Macdonald, Jonathan Mark, Cinem. James Whitaker, Edit. Dayn Williams - UK)
Jonathan is the story about a shell-shocked photojournalist whose assignments have left him disillusioned with life and irrevocably unhinged. He dreams of freedom from what he has seen and happiness at any cost. He wants it so much that deciding to run, he physically regresses back to when life was at its best, and embarks on the beginning of an adventure, rediscovering the essence of life through childhood. The children he meets along the way challenge and inspire him to embrace his life again.
Ciro (Dir. Stefano Veneruso, Cast Daniele & Emanuele Vicorito, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Beppe Lanzetta, Cinem. Vittorio Storaro, Edit. Ugo De Rossi - Italy)
Ciro is a kid from the outskirts of Naples. He lives in one of those cement housing projects built after the big earthquake of 1980. There, the lower class pays the dues of its daily existential reclusion in identically designed apartments and maze like streets. Along with his friend Bertucciello, Ciro assaults a motorist in order to steal his Rolex; in broad daylight, right in the middle of a crowded street. It’s a coordinated attack composed of two simultaneous but separate actions. Ciro smashes one of the vehicle’s windows with a hammer, glass flying everywhere. As the man in the driver’s seat tries to cover his face from the showering glass, Bertucciello grabs hold of the man’s watch and rips it away from his wrist. Then, the two kids run away in separate directions towards the unforeseen.
Song Song & Little Mao (Dir. John Woo, Cast Zhao Zicun, Qi Ruyi, Wang Bin, Cinem. Zeng Nianping - China)
John Woo directs Zhao Zi Cun (Song Song) and Qi Ru Yi (Little Cat) in a story of simple truth and undying perseverance through unbelievable hardship. Told through the eyes of children, the story of two little girls leading lives of opposite circumstance unfolds. These two lives mirror, parallel and attract each other while delving deep into the emotional and physical challenges faced by children. This is a tale of hope.