Gli arcangeli (first feature)

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Gli arcangeli

Gli arcangeli

Gli arcangeli

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Gli arcangeli

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On the day he is baptised, Christian is ten years old. In church he will make a mysterious and unexpected gesture which will cause his parents to become alarmed and fear for his health.
Padre Siro is man of religion, he is Christian’s educator and teacher and tells his parents not to worry for Christian, unlike other boys his age, is particularly sensitive. However when Padre Siro speaks privately to little Christian, he is everything else but reassuring, and tells him that a long and tortuous journey awaits him as he enters adulthood. During the baptism ceremony, Christian has 'seen' the archangels wipe away the wounds and human suffering from the face of Jesus, his own existence as a result, will be violent and ugly caused by the pain of his own kind.
Fifteen years later Christian is a Philosophy student at the University of Milan. He is popular, admired, rich and provocative taking from life and those around him everything he can, oblivious to any moral ethics.
Christian's own life reflects a total detachment from all forms of humanity, it is crushed by the silence of a God who entered into his life, and left just as rapidly...