Fallen Heroes

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Fallen Heroes (Nessuna qualità agli eroi)

Fallen Heroes (Nessuna qualità agli eroi)

Fallen Heroes (Nessuna qualità agli eroi)

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Nessuna qualità agli eroi

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IBC Movie, Bianca Film, Ventura Film, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, in collaboration with RTSI Televisione Svizzera, with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte





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35mm - colour

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Seated in front of his doctor, fortyyear- old Bruno Ledeux, no longer has any doubts, the diagnosis is clear: he will never be able to father a child. Bound to be an eternal son, Bruno’s path starts here. He says nothing to Anne, his beloved wife. He doesn’t even tell her about the enormous debt he has with Giorgio Neri, a ruthless usurer who hides behind his job as a bank director. We could say that Bruno has no qualities to speak of. Anne is now the only thing left in his life. An Italian life created away from his Swiss past. A past without love and without memories, of a family subjugated by a father who was an artist, famous but self-centred and manipulating and whom Bruno hated. And whom he had perhaps erased from memory. But everything appears hazy in his mind. That is, until Luca, a strange young man, steps into his life. He has an air of naivety and pain, determination and madness. Gradually, something seems to bond these two strangers together. Luca hides a lot of things about himself but seems to know everything about Bruno. It’s simple. The lad is the son of Neri the usurer, who disappears under mysterious circumstances at roughly the same time... Bruno hides from the boy almost as if he could sense danger. A dense fog seems to enshroud him tighter and tighter; as if there were no escape. But now Bruno is no longer afraid, not even of the fact that the harmless Luca would appear to have killed his father, the usurer. He does however reach an extreme, painful solution...