The Night before finals (first feature)

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The Night before finals (Notte prima degli esami)

The Night before finals (Notte prima degli esami)

The Night before finals (Notte prima degli esami)

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Notte prima degli esami

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35mm - colour

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It is a colorful summer in the eighties, Luca and his friends prepare for the dreaded maturità( high school graduation) exams. Instead of studying they end up getting mixed up in a series of funny mishaps , beginning with Luca, who suddenly feels overwhelmed by a moment of true courage, and decides to let the most despicable teacher of all mankind, Prof. Martinelli, know exactly what he thinks of him. He lashes out at the professor with a series of insults and accusations only to discover ten seconds later, that Professor Martinelli is the new examiner who will be sitting in for the exams that year! As if that wasn't enough, several hours later at a party, Luca falls in love with Claudia, only to discover ten seconds later that she has a boyfriend who is all muscle and 20 kilos heavier than he is ! Luca doesn't lose faith and begins to frantically search for the whereabouts of his new love . He only knows her name and is unaware of the most important clue which is....she is the daughter of the hated Professor Martinelli! In the following days, when his friends instead of helping him only cause more trouble, Luca tries everything to win back Professor Martinelli's admiration and the two of them begin meeting after school under the excuse that he needs revising for the exams. They eventually start to meet because they have become.. well almost... friends. The truth in the matter is that Luca's insults have really affected the bastard..that is the Professor. Their encounters are only small battles prior to the final battle which will take place on the final day of oral exams. The last days before the exams are very demanding even for Claudia who undergoes two traumatic events: her best friend Chicca who didn't get in to the final exams runs away from home, and her beloved grandmother suddenly passes away. Everything leads to the final night before the exams, while his friends are busy frantically researching the subjects of their italian examination, Luca finally discovers that Claudia is the daughter of his worst enemy. He runs to her...but the surprises are not over, the night is long...and the morning after none of our protagonists will ever be the same.