Don’t Make Any Plans for Tonight

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Don’t Make Any Plans for Tonight (Non prendere impegni stasera)

Don’t Make Any Plans for Tonight (Non prendere impegni stasera)

Don’t Make Any Plans for Tonight (Non prendere impegni stasera)

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Non prendere impegni stasera


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35mm - colour

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Four couples of forty-year-olds whose destinies cross in a bitter and disenchanted 3rd millennium Rome.
It’s the portrait of a generation in unstable balance between the fear of growing and the desire of giving oneself one more chance in life.
Pietro finds out he has a terrible disease which will bring him to deal with his loneliness. He will look for comfort in his ten-year-old friendship with Cinzia who, with her fragile firmness, will manage to help Pietro in his fight against the disease. Andrea, an educated and self-assured professional, lives a beautiful love story with the younger Veronica, a shopping mall employee, completely distanced from Andrea’s world, but capable of true and deep feelings. With her Andrea will recover a love that will bring him to end his wedding, by now burnt out.
Alessandro, who lives choked by his fear of living, is connected to Irene, a woman perhaps unable to cope with his shaky frame of mind. Nanni is a lonely man, consumed by himself. He is looking for love and hopes to find it with his ex-girlfriend, Paola, who’s going to marry someone else. Nanni will perhaps understand that he has missed his opportunity to rescue himself and his long lost peacefulness. Giorgio and Mariella, suspended and confined in their bedroom, hopelessly keep going at it.
Iole’s trying to develop a love story, when she should just learn to accept love.