Il rabdomante (second feature)

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Il rabdomante

Il rabdomante

original title:

Il rabdomante

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35mm - colour

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Harja, a twenty-five year-old woman from Eastern Europe, flees from Cintanidd, the mafia boss who controls the water-supply racket in the Apulia Region. Harja finds shelter in a farmhouse owned by a strange individual, Felice, a forty year-old schizophrenic with no sense of time, but with a gift for divining water. Only he can help local farmers find it, and so the boss tells Tonino the collector to learn who is challenging him by opening up wells, while the Camardo brothers are to track down Harja. Meanwhile an almost fraternal love grows between Felix and the young woman in hiding, until, one day, something happens that seems to shake her trust in him. But after a good deal of searching, the Camardos find the girl and Tonino learns who the diviner is; Felice and Harja must decide what to do with their lives.