Don't wast your time Johnny! (first feature)

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Don't wast your time Johnny! (Lascia perdere Johnny!)

Don't wast your time Johnny! (Lascia perdere Johnny!)

Don't wast your time Johnny! (Lascia perdere Johnny!)

original title:

Lascia perdere Johnny!


Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Umberto Contarello, Filippo Gravino, in collaboration with Valia Santella


set design:

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35mm - colour

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Caserta 1976: if eighteen year-old Faustino Ciaramella does not find work by year's end, he will be drafted. For the time being, he plays guitar in the colourful Falasco Orchestra, but that gig comes to an end one Spring night in the town of Roccamonfina. Fortunately promoter Raffaele Niro offers Faustino a great opportunity for the Summer: playing with band leader Riverberi, former lover of singing star Ornella Vanoni. “Augusto Riverberi's Combo” gradually takes shape: Augusto at piano, Jerry Como as crooner and Faustino who plays the base part with a Revox, seeing that there is no room for a guitarist. Band leader Augusto starts spending time at the Ciaramella house, in the company of Vincenza, and he becomes close to Faustino, or “Johnny”, as he calls the young man. After playing at a wedding for local big shots and on a TV show entitled “No Net”, their last show is on Capri, in the rain. Here, for the first time, Faustino picks up his guitar and plays...