The 22nd (first feature)

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The 22nd (Padiglione 22)

The 22nd (Padiglione 22)

original title:

Padiglione 22

directed by:



set design:

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film run:



35mm - colour


Dolby Digital

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In 2003 Laura Marotti lives a perfectly normal and hectic life, until the spirit of her brother Valerio comes back to haunt her. Valerio , diagnosed a schizophrenic and practically buried alive in a private institution, manages to escape to then die in the asylum where he had been locked up as a child, in wing 22, before the Basaglia law was passed . In 1978, the Basaglia law outlawed all psychiatric asylums.
Laura who has felt guilty about the way she had treated this brother with the absent stare, the family’s burden, will become haunted by his menacing and forever present spirit, from the day of his death. It will be an obsessive reminder of her painful indifference.
Between her increasing anxiety and suffering caused by these dream like visions, Laura will be plunged back into the 1970’s, living out moments from the past, and hallucinating encounters with a much younger Valerio and other patients ghosts. It will be the beginning of a tug of war between Laura and the ghost, or is it between Laura and her guilt.