Lettere dalla Sicilia (first feature)

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Lettere dalla Sicilia

Lettere dalla Sicilia

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Lettere dalla Sicilia

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35mm - colour

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Sicily 1843. A group of English travellers landed on the island and directed to Segesta (ancient Egesta) are going to live a typical Grand Tour experience in the Italian countryside. Classical Greek spirit discovered by modern eyes. But our characters will be in trouble with something unexpected that changes their trip in something more profound: it becomes an interior journey. “letter from Sicily” is the story of a sentimental education, is the story of the opposition of conformism, is the story of the seeking of the normalization of diversity. Concept that finds the right position in the contrast between Victorian world of the middle of ‘800 century and the pure antiquity of Sicily of the same period, that tries to convert is own past and obtain dignity in a modern society.