Italian dream

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Italian dream

Italian dream

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Italian dream

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35mm - colour

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Antonio is an Italian who worked for several years in London. He's a funny, likeble kind of guy, around forty and has an Italian wife who's a little hard to get along with and two kids. His life is a regular routine, all work, faily and gambling, his true passion. Antonio bets on everything, from the lottery to horses and soccer mathces without ever winning or losing the hope of winning;' so convinced that his luck is going to turn that his betting companions have started to call him "Win tomorow". One day Antonio notices that he's being followed by a suspicious lookin stranger, well - dressed and obviously rich. This happens frequently, causing Antonio to become very concerned. Alarmed, he tells wife and gambling companions about the situation, but they all just make fun of him, convincing him he's the victim of his imagination. He calms down, but his persecutor soon reappears. Loosing his patience, Antonio decides to confront the stranger and find out what he's up to, but the response he gets from the man shocks him no end: the man is convinced that Antonio is going to kill him.
Thus begins what turns out to be both an escape and quest, in which the stranger continues to pop up in Antonio's life, each time leaving him a further clue as to just what his destiny will be.