Baciami piccina (second feature)

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Baciami piccina

Baciami piccina

Baciami piccina

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Baciami piccina

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35mm - colour

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Italy, 8 September 1943. Mussolini is under arrest and Italy’s official surrender to the Allies is declared. Three weary years of bombings, hunger, death and despair come to an end. The country, after being led into a disastrous war by its fascist leaders, joins forces with the Allies, against Hitler and the nazi regime. Precisely on the eve of this historic date, in a little town, a curious threesome board a train bound for Venice. The lovely Luisa, her steadfast Umberto (whom she has been patiently waiting to marry for years), and a third very charming gentleman. Yet there are many twists and turns on the bumpy honeymoon road to Venice. Air raids force the three to abandon their train with no other choice but to walk. Risky checkpoints make them abandon even some of their clothes. Just when fabulous Venice looms ahead, it is a ménage-à-trois night instead on the banks of a river. Perhaps this is not only history’s moment of truth, but also their own. And nothing will ever be the same after that 8 September.