Le bande (first feature)

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Le bande

Le bande

Le bande

original title:

Le bande

directed by:


Annarita del Piano, Angela Ferlaino, Marta Cino, Massimo Giordano, Franco Grecco




Luciano Salvemini


Massimo DiCarlo






film run:



35mm - colour

release date:


festivals & awards:

Massimo and Federica lose their mother because of smugglers. The car they are driving in is intentionally cut off the road by criminals in an armoured car whose only concern is to safeguard their illegal trade even at the cost of poor innocent lives. The survivors are obviously traumatized by the experience and as Massimo grows up he becomes involved in fraud and racket: probably because he has nothing else to lose. He plays the clarinette and Federica plays the flute in a southern Italian band. In the midst of the merry confusion during a town feast at which Massimo plays, he steals valuables and jewels. He is quickly lured into more serious offences such as, fraud and drugs; he steals the goods which are then passed on to drug dealers. Massimo, his sister, a friend and a gypsy, who they met occasionally, form a band which will be the alter ego of the musical band they are in. After a few risky moments, Federica who at the time of her mother’s fatal accident had seen one of the criminals, now recognizes him; he is one of the drug dealers that her brother refers to. Instead of getting out of this dangerous situation, Massimo decides to cooperate with the Guardie delle Finanze ( Customs and Excise Agents);he is used as the decoy to arrest the criminals. The operation is a success and Massimo and his sister finally get revenge for their mother’s death.