Dalla parte giusta (first feature)

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Dalla parte giusta

Dalla parte giusta

Dalla parte giusta

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Dalla parte giusta

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HD/35mm - colour


Dolby SR

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Two stories that delve into the fundamental values of our society.
The first story is set in the world of high finance. The protagonist is Giorgio, the perfect manager:fascinating, infallible, an idol of the media, destined to head up the country's largest industrial group. He is the new man, capable of inspiring hope for positive change. In a society ruled by image, his is merely a carefully contructed front, a diabolical mask sustained by bloody silence of his accomplices. In an act of terrorism years before, Giorgio accumulated enough money to allow him access to the highest circles of political and economic power.
The second story, that intersects the first, is the story of Marina, a young policewoman involved in the investigation her sister's sudden death, Her search reveals traves of an obscure character who, like her sister, was involved in ideological warfare in the past.
Marina makes it her mission to unmask the criminal, against all odds,. Her chances of succeeding are next to none. She is not driven by vindictiveness, but by a compelling need of Justice. The choice is between acquiescence and action, between resignation and rebellion...