Forever Blues (first feature)

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Forever Blues

Forever Blues

Forever Blues

original title:

Forever Blues

directed by:


Franco Nero, Robert Madison, Clive Riche, Matt Patresi, Lino Patruno, Guja Quaranta, Daniele Piamonti, Valentina Mezzacappa, Minnie Minoprio


Lorenzo De Luca, Franco Nero, Enrico Bernard







film run:



35mm - colour

festivals & awards:

Travelling towards his concert, the young musician Marco is given the opportunity to recall another journey, that of his painful past, as he narrates to his girlfriend….. What do a lonely jazz trumpeter and a slightly autistic child have in common? Very little, except maybe a sleepy provincial town where Luca is performing in a smokey jazz-club, and where Marco turns up with his mother for an appointment with the specialist. However destiny determines that through a series of circumstances the trumpet-player finds himself spending a day around with the kid; a few hours which are destined to change their lives. For Luca the future is almost over, whereas Marco risks never having a future at all, enclosed as he is in his own marginalized world. And yet, unexpectedly, the musician succeeds in shaking the child out of his isolation, thanks to tales of poetic nonsense, the magic of music and the interaction of play.