Ti lascio perché ti amo troppo

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Ti lascio perché ti amo troppo

Ti lascio perché ti amo troppo

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Ti lascio perché ti amo troppo


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35mm - colour

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Had she told him using other words, he probably would have understood , but since Daniela had dumped him, his life was never the same. " I am leaving you because I love you too much " she announced one particular day, and since that day he never saw her again. His friends Isidoro and Lello try in vain to lift up his spirits , introducing him to other girls or suggesting a trip, but all Mariano thinks about is Daniela.
One evening, right outside Daniela's front door, a beautiful young woman steps out of a taxi.
She is Brazilian and her name is Ana Paula . She is in search of a boarding house which according to an outdated guide of Naples, is located at this same address. Mariano tells her that the boarding house has closed , he suggests a simple and comfortable ( non existant ) Bed and Breakfast: HIS home!
Ana Paula accepts and Mariano feels reborn : but in order to win over the girl's heart he must overcome a series of misadventures, from a very risky batchelor party to a salvaged marriage.