Andres and Me

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Andres and Me (All'amore assente)

Andres and Me (All'amore assente)

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All'amore assente

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35mm - colour

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It is morning time and Andres Carrera doesn’t like to sing while he’s shaving or is under the shower. He prefers to talk, to speak out loud to himself using words which generate enthusiasm, sensational words, these same words that will be spoken by a young politician, Massimo Arati, giving a political speech in the town square, under torrential rain. Yes, for Andres is his ghostwriter, and the young politician is at the height of his political campaign. The camera moves away and takes us elsewhere. We don’t know how much time has passed, just that the rain has not. It is incessant. A slow torrential rain which is seen throughout the whole film We find ourselves in an airport watching a detective arrive, it is stil raining, he is a taxi on his way into the city, the driver is a woman, she is mysterious and curious to know who the passenger is, that she is driving into town. First of all the man goes to the hospital to visit an old lady who is seriously ill. Her name is Magda, the visit is mysterious and silent. The detective then enters a building, forcing the door open to an apartment which he will search from top to bottom. This apartment is where Andres lives, it has been abandoned but still has many interesting tracks: photographs, a computer, books, letters and an incredible vinyl record collection. It is time to meet Iris, the wife of Andres who wears her age well, she is forty years old, elegant and very beautiful, energetic and sensual. She is the ambitious manager of the ad agency where Andres used to work... husband and employee. Under the rain which never stops, Andres’s father takes a stick and makes strange tracks in his garden so that the aliens will know where to bring his son back. The detective understands that the solution is close at hand, all he has to do is stretch his arm out and...