White Ballad (first feature)

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White Ballad (Una ballata bianca)

White Ballad (Una ballata bianca)

White Ballad (Una ballata bianca)

original title:

Una ballata bianca

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set design:

costume design:


O Film, De Productie, Image Grabbing, Moskito Film





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35mm - colour

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In an apartment, the life of an elderly couple, husband and wife, evolves like an old record player : slow and mechanical. Together they have decided to avoid daylight moving about only in the obscurity of the night. They are afraid of what they might " see " in daylight. The woman who suffers from an incurable disease has little time left to live. The couple are warned of this undefinable and great presence represented by death, and avoid speaking of the topic altogether. They know that eventually this death will sever their life together. They are silent and have always lived quietly, but now even more so. Words can no longer express meanings. The presence of death makes every single action between the elderly couple, both important and definite. We hear the thoughts of the couple spoken out loud. It is a dialogue with many questions but never a real answer. The approximation of the woman's death makes them search frantically for answers to their own lives. This research takes them through the memories of their past. Their eyes show us present images which in turn represent the recollection of places and situations of when they first met. Through their eyes we see a young woman living in an arcaic vaccum. The young woman in turn will represent the undefinable dimension of life and death.