Piano, solo

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Piano, solo

Piano, solo

Piano, solo

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Piano, solo

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Palomar, Rai Cinema, 13 Dicembre, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Hugo Film (Paris)





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35mm - colour

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"Piano Solo" is the passionate and haunting true story based on the life of jazz pianist Luca Flores. A tragic destiny already awaits Luca on a road in Africa when, at a very young age, he sees his mother perish in a car accident. The boy’s obsessive feeling of guilt for the terrible loss, as inexplicable as it is unfounded, plants the seed of a torment that will pursue the fragile musician for the rest of his life. The family is shattered by the tragedy. Luca and his sister return to Italy where the boy begins to study music. At the conservatory in Florence, Luca’s exceptional and precocious gift as a pianist soon becomes evident. However, the inspired rhythms of his boyhood Africa soon turn Luca from a conventional classical career and lead him to jazz. Luca Flores becomes an acclaimed figure on the Italian and international jazz scenes, appearing with legendary greats such as Chet Baker and Dave Holland. The beautiful pianist’s music is spellbinding, irresistible, as inescapable as an obsessive theme. Seemingly golden years, he enjoys tremendous success, the warmth of a reunited family, a woman he loves even to devastating possessive rage. Yet, the unbearable sorrow and feeling of guilt for his mother’s death when he was just a child, also grow to obsession. Each day, as he withdraws further into their prison, not even Luca’s music has the power to redeem him.
From the novel by Walter Veltroni "Il disco del mondo – Vita breve di Luca Flores, musicista".