Il nostro Messia (second feature)

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Il nostro Messia

Il nostro Messia

Paris. In a rundown attic apartment, Julien, well beyond the age of thirty, a man with a shabby, unkempt air, finally types the last words of the screenplay for his next film. At the office of Jean Paul, a young French producer, Julien learns that he will soon be leaving for Italy, where most of the film will be shot. The true, unsettling nature of the Italian film industry quickly reveals itself to Julien. Once by one, carrying the burden of their undisguised ambitions, young girls are drawn to him, hoping to win a part in his hypothetical film. Grotesque scenes of jealousy break out among the girls over the object of their desires: Julien, though, in the end, his film is never made. As in Rimbaud’s Adorable, this modern messiah, this man of the girls’ dreams, “Came, left and may never return…”