Sandrine in the Rain

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Sandrine in the Rain (Sandrine nella pioggia)

Sandrine in the Rain (Sandrine nella pioggia)

Sandrine in the Rain (Sandrine nella pioggia)

original title:

Sandrine nella pioggia

directed by:


costume design:


Casco Entertainment, Dalka Production (Berlin)





film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby SRD

A woman, Martine, leaves her apartment and walks into a series of minor disasters that make up her day. Those comprise a bag mishap that results from the rain, a bank robbery, and a fatal police shooting-her own. Leonardo, the cop responsible for Martine’s death, then spirals into a cycle of self-doubt and leaves street work behind before escaping to a lakeside vacation. There, he meets Sandrine, a woman as mysterious as she is infuriating, who brings drastic-sometime ruinous changes to Leonardo’s life, and who harbors a dark secret. Sandrine in the Rain is a classic story of multiple identities, revenge, betrayal, and the complexities of attraction. The consequences of our actions, be they conscious decisions or random twists of fate, are the constant reminders of the seemingly thin hold we have on our lives and how quickly it can unravel.