The Hush

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The Hush (Complici del silenzio)

The Hush (Complici del silenzio)

original title:

Complici del silenzio

directed by:


costume design:

Maria Guadalupe Jimenez


Surf Film, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Malkina Producciones, Duque Film

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film run:



35mm - colour

release date:


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Maurizio Gallo, an Italian sport’s journalist, and Ugo, his photographer, land in Buenos Aires in 1978, having been invited to the World cup taking place in the city. The Sports event, on which all the limelight from the world is, is the occasion for the military junta, lead by Videla, to hide all the grave human rights violations which persevere : repeal of the constitutional rights, abduction of the social political activists and syndicalists on top of other fighters, the use of torture as a form to extrapolate information and the initiation of the method of public disappearance.
In addition, Maurizio Gallo is the bearer of a package which contains money for Ana, the ex wife of an Argentinean who emigrated to Italy. The encounter of the two, the day of the inauguration for the World Cup, is love at first sight. However Ana is a clandestine member of a guerrilla force which opposes the dictatorship. Without the intention, Maurizio becomes an accomplice and at the same time a tool of the army and of the death teams in order to track the woman and her companions. Both captured, they experience, separately, the secret prisons of the military junta. Only at the end of the World Cup, Maurizio is given the opportunity to return to Italy. He accepts, only at the condition that Ana will be granted the asylum at the Apostolic Nunciature. During the transfers, Ana, who rightly mistrusts the promises of the torturers, escapes again, disappearing in the chaos of the celebrations for the victory of Argentina in the World Cup. Years later, the name of the woman appears on the list of those thousands of people who have disappeared, and who are usually called desaparecidos. About 30000 men, women, priests, teachers, professionals, youngsters, thrown from airplanes in the Atlantic Ocean, or buried in anonymous mass graves. Before this happens, Ana has the possibility to write a letter to inform Maurizio that she has a surprise for him...
The same surprise that, twenty years after the disappearence of the woman, is waiting for Maurizio in Buenos Aires, where he has come back to testify against the soldiers, in the hope that justice be done.