Licu's vacation

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Licu's vacation (Le ferie di Licu)

Licu's vacation (Le ferie di Licu)

original title:

Le ferie di Licu

directed by:


Md Moazzem Hossain, Fancy Khanam, Giulia Di Quilio






film run:



DV Cam/35mm - colour

release date:


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Licu, a 27 year-old Muslim born in Bangladesh, has lived in Rome for six years, sharing a rented home with eight other people. His immigrant status only recently legalised, he works 12-hour days: in a textile-factory warehouse in the morning and as a grocery-store cashier in the evening. Licu, who wears his hair like Elvis, buys designer shirts and roots for the Rome soccer team, is thoroughly integrated. His mother sends him a photo of Fancy, the 18 year-old girl his family has chosen as his bride. Licu can get only four weeks of unpaid vacation to go to Bangladesh and organise his wedding with a complete stranger. But when he arrives, the negotiations between the families of the bride and the groom hit a snag. Bangladesh is submerged under one of the worst floods in the last fifty years.