Kill Gil (vol. 2)

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Kill Gil (vol. 2)

Kill Gil (vol. 2)

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Kill Gil (vol. 2)


Rossellini & Associati, Overlook Film, Swiss Center for Paraplegics, RAI SAT





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Digi Beta Pal - colour


Ready (27/07/2006)

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This film begins on that ill-fated day of September 11th in New York, where he was living before the onset of his illness. It picks up from where Vol. 1 had ended, and follows a specific chronological order. There is the thrilling moment of his first film presented at the Venice Film Festival in 2005, although the initial signs of his terrible physical illness are already evident, followed by his return to the Swiss hospital just three months after leaving there with high hopes for his recovery. The film takes turns in showing us moments of suffering with detailed accounts of many others, difficult surgeries, moments of great happiness and joy , the presentation of Vol. I in Venice, and at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, first chance to go back to the Big Apple, where he will see many of his friends and relatives, or in the Swiss hospital where he is undergoing treatment for his illness. In this manner, the film describes the great roller-coaster of emotions he has lived through, in the past twelve months.