Bellissime 2

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Bellissime 2

Bellissime 2

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Bellissime 2

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35mm - colour & b/w


Ready (27/07/2006)

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Bellissime is a collection of film footages: images on file, film segments, photographs, songs and female voices which cover the “female’s role“ in the major historical events of our twentieth century. A century which specifically in the Second Half (from the 1970’s to today ) often shows the woman as the protagonist: from the “single mothers“ proud of their “irregular“ conjugal life, to the adolescents in miniskirts, to the feminists who marched through the town squares in the 1970’s. Voices of great women in politics, like Tina Anselmi who demand “good institutional laws” in favour of equal rights between men and women, voices of victims like Gemma Capra whose family life was ripped apart after the assassination of police commissioner Calabresi, voices of women in power like Barbara Contini, Governor of Nassirya in Iraq after Saddam. It is also about customs which begin to change. The aspiration for an entirely new female beauty, where a woman is capable of combining her emancipation with elegance - the T.V. which shapes us, the movies which question us, the songs which speak of our most hidden desires. Fifty years of changes which have women and men together ready to change the world, against men to change themselves , and again next to men in the difficult gamble of finding an equality which knows how to value their differences.