My Kind of Woman

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My Kind of Woman

original title:

My Kind of Woman

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16mm - colour


Ready (28/11/2005)

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A gang of criminals break into the house of one of their bosses. He’s been missing for some days and this seems like a good chance to hassle his girlfriend Ilaria. She welcomes them undressed. She’s interrogated by Franco, who stands out as the leader of the gang. They start a game of seduction full of double meanings. In the garden, the other guys discover some weird dead animals. Franco starts to suspect Ilaria, who played an important part in the organisation before the arrival of younger Diana. It was Diana who tipped off about Sandroneʹs disappearance. All the gang becomes really suspicious of Ilaria and they begin to threaten her to death when, suddenly, Sandroneʹs body appears: killed by a hit‐and‐run driver. Franco apologises to Ilaria and promises her his eternal protection. Ilaria then tries to take revenge against Diana.