Crossing a painted Vesuvius

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Crossing a painted Vesuvius

Crossing a painted Vesuvius

Crossing a painted Vesuvius

original title:

Crossing a painted Vesuvius

directed by:


Ivan Piano, Valentina Mozzillo, Christian Leperino, Sebastiano Deva, Michele Quercia, E liana Vanvakinos, Barbara La Ragione, Antonio Manfredi


N.U.N.U., EPO, Guido Russo, Veltanshaung, Da Anaan, Riccardo Veno, Elephant and Castle





film run:



DV - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby stereo


Ready (10/10/2006)

festivals & awards:

The video is aimed to discover if art can be an alternative to young peoples self emargination, conformism, drugs.. In it are explored their small worlds, and is accented on what they think about art and their needs in the interview moments.
It tries to discover what is art in dreams of young artists, to see by their eyes illusion or passion.
Maybe some of them will be a great artist, maybe not, we don’t know it. What the video wanted catch is an idea of a possible future, an escape from what is proposed to young generation today: self-emargination, abuse, unenployement, drugs, conformism.
It is also a voyage through art and music, in the small worlds of the young artists, in the spaces freed from the degradation with the work and the passion, with the creativity, with the search.