Born and Bred

Born and Bred (Nacido y criado)

Born and Bred (Nacido y criado)

Born and Bred (Nacido y criado)

original title:

Nacido y criado

directed by:


costume design:


Sintra, Matanza Cine (Buenos Aires), Axiom Films (london)

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35mm - colour

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Santiago, a young man who restores antiques and does interior decorating, is quite well-off thanks to a successful atelier set up with Milli, his wife. Together with their young daughter Josefina, they make up a happy family, enjoying life day after day, with no unpleasant surprises. Nevertheless, in the intimacy of his home, Santiago reveals that this apparent well-being evades him. A sudden accident on the road triggers a family tragedy, a violent shift in his life. In the frozen landscape of the Far South of Argentina, Santiago changes beyond recognition, and re-appears, working at an airport lost at the end of the world: few flights, few people, a short gravel runway and a ramshackle control tower. He shares a run-down shack with Robert, his immature co-worker and buddy. Together with Cacique, an Indian from the North, they struggle to get through their workdays and their after-hours, following the same mechanical routine. The location, the work and the extreme climate seem to be a penance that breaks one's spirit and one's sanity. Santiago says nothing about his previous life, but his ghosts won't leave him alone. One step away from insanity, Santiago must struggle to take control of his life and achieve closure on his painful past.